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Papers of Jessie Street, circa 1914-1968 [manuscript]

Papers of Jessie Street, circa 1914-1968 [manuscript]
National Library of Australia, Manuscript Collection
MS 2683
Date Range
c. 1914 - 1968
Street, Jessie Mary Grey (1889 - 1970)

MS 2683 comprises: 1. Personal and family correspondence, 1914-1967. 2. Personal documents, 1934-1967, and other papers. 3. Drafts and other papers relating to Jessie Street's autobiography, Truth or repose. 4. Papers relating to Street's feminist activities, 1916-1968, including the United Associations of Women. Correspondents include Bessie Rischbieth, Irene Greenwood, Linda Littlejohn and Robert Menzies. 5. Material relating to the peace movement, 1931-1966. 6. Papers relating to the United Nations, 1945-1966, including material on the UN Commission for the Status of Women.

7. Papers relating to Street's membership of the Australian Labor Party, attempts to gain election to federal parliament and subsequent resignation from the ALP because of her refusal to abandon her pro-Soviet stance. 8. Papers relating to Street's interest in and numerous visits to the Soviet Union including material on the Australian-Soviet Friendship Society, 1946-1968, and the Russian Medical Aid and Comforts Committee, 1941-1945. 9. Papers relating to the Women's Forum for Social and Economic Reconstruction, 1941-1945, Immigration Advisory Committee, 1940s, and National Social Insurance, 1930-1952. 10. Papers relating to Aboriginal rights and race relations, mostly 1956-1968, including the 1967 Aboriginal Referendum (31 boxes, 3 fol. Boxes)

6.93 m
Available for research. Not for loan.
Finding Aid

Guide to the Papers of Jessie Street, 13 November 2003, Details

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