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Working Women's Centre Papers

Working Women's Centre Papers
The University of Melbourne Archives
Date Range
1907 - 1985

Minutes and agendas 1977-1981, reports, consultants, material on major womens'organisations, conferences including Womens' Trade Union on the problems of working women and labour. Also subject files on womens' welfare issues including education, employment, health and safety and equal opportunity. Subject files and photographs.

Mainly offprints, cuttings etc., of articles and papers relating to aspects of women and work - unionism, equal pay, etc. includes copy of material about the First Exhibition of Women's Work, namely: 1 Copy of introduction from programme of opening ceremony; 2 List of office-bearers (includes JW Barret) 3 Series of articles written by Mrs EF Allan for the Argus describing exhibition in detail15/10-1/121907 NB A full catalogue of the First Exhibition of Women's. Work is now available on microfiche at the Latrobe Library

Outwards correspondence files, 1975-1977

Subject files:- Women: Health; Education; Family Planning; Technology; Occupational health and safety; Equal pay; Discrimination; Other.
Accession No 80 70, 86 89, 86 134, 88 102, 88 93

Photographs, Press cuttings, Printed material and Conference papers
26 archive boxes (3.7 m)

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