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Papers, 1938-2001

Papers, 1938-2001
Elizabeth Kenny Collection
Fryer Library and Department of Special Collections, University of Queensland
Date Range
1938 - 2001

1. Correspondence 15 May 1939-13 Feb. 1952 (1 folder). -- 2. Letters of appreciation 1942-1946 received from doctors and others in U.S. and Canada who attended or visited the Kenny Clinic in Minneapolis (1 folder). -- 3. Evidence concerning my seven years' activities in the United States of America : report dated 14 Oct. 1947 to Hon. E.M. Hanlon, M.L.A., Premier of Queensland (20 l.). -- 4. My report on conference with the medical profession in fourteen foreign countries [1947] (23 l.). -- 5. Patients' reports 1938-1941 giving condition and progress under treatment, prepared by Elizabeth Kenny or Medical Superintendants (1 folder) -- 6. Report dated 10 Nov. 1947 sent to her medical sponsors in Queensland, in anticipation of a meeting called by the Director of Health and Medical Services which they are invited to attend, summarizing public statements 1937-1947 on her methods by medical authorities; with conclusions drawn by herself (18 l.). -- 7. Reports on concepts and treatments of polyiomyelitis : Brisbane 6th Dec, 1946 / by Thomas Victor Stubbs Brown and Abraham Fryberg (27 l.). -- 8. Summary of lectures given at the Brisbane General Hospital at the invitation of the General Medical Superintendant of the Brisbane and South Coast Hospitals Board, 1939-1940 (1 folder).

4 boxes and 4 parcels
Unrestricted access (1 restricted file)
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Fryer Library - The University of Queensland, UQFL16 - Elizabeth Kenny Collection, University of Queensland, 10 August 2012, 11 pp, Details

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