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Papers of the Australian Council for Women

Papers of the Australian Council for Women
Jessie Street National Women's Library
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Date Range
1993 - 1996

1. Minutes 1993-1995. 2. Executive Meetings 1994. 3. ACW office bearers. 4. Correspondence including letters from Cathy Cole, Ros Kelly, Lorraine Bell. Office of the Status of Women, Kaye Loder and Jenny George 1994-1995. 5. Financial statements including budget reports. 6. Reports from the ACW to Federal Government 1994-1995.. 7. ACWQuestionnaire "Women in Decision-making, Women in the Economy, Women and Families" 1994 8. "Beijing in your own backyard" campaign 1994 9. Purple postcards campaign/survey results related papers and final report, 1994. 10. Reports and agendas of meetings1994.. 11. Critical areas of concern from purple postcards consultations held throughout Australia. 12. Teacher's Kit Project "Women 2000" information about the Conference for schools. 13. Media reports and proposals. 14. Video "Voices" featuring prominent Australian women talking about their aims and achievements in different fields and information about the conference and Forum '95 includes Jane Kennedy, Sharon Firebrace, Rosie Smith, "Tiddas" 1994.. 15. Newspaper clippings about the Conference 1994, 1995. 16. Speeches given by Sandra Yates. Beijing speech "Woman & the Economy Conference National Council for Women. 17. Summary of Speeches and outcomes "After Beijing" report based on notes from Mischa Schubert & Susie Brennan 1995-1996. 18 Farewell from the ACW disbanded on 31/12/1995 19. Papers and publications, including women's health 1991-4, trade unions 1994-5, industrial relations 1992-5, Office for the Status of Women newsletters, drafts, bulletins.

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