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Papers of Anne Summers, 1967-2007 [manuscript]

Papers of Anne Summers, 1967-2007 [manuscript]
National Library of Australia, Manuscript Collection
MS 7073
Date Range
1967 - 2007
Summers, Anne Fairhurst (1945 - )

MS 7073 comprises manuscripts, research notes, typescript drafts, galley proofs, draft notes and correspondence concerning writing and publication of Summers' book Damned whores and God's police, and her autobiography Ducks on the pond. Correspondents include Henry Mayer, Melanie Beresford, Ann Curthoys and staff of Penguin Books. The collection includes a cuttings book containing press cuttings about Summers and Damned whores and God's police; files of research notes; cuttings; and, correspondence on a wide range of topics including women and poverty, single parents, family, Caroline Chisholm, child care, aborigines, rape reform proposals, suicide, women unionists, education, prostitution, racism, Womens' Electoral Lobby, Adela Pankhurst Walsh, women and the media.

The collection also includes material relating to the journal Refractory girl and the publication of Her story: Australian women in print 1788-1975. There are papers and material relating to Gamble for power; papers relating to the "free Sandra Willson" campaign and Ms and Sassy magazines; transcripts and video tapes relating to the ABC TV program "Anne Summers in conversation with six Aussie men" (1994); and, various papers relating to women's issues (66 boxes, 7 fol. Boxes).

The Acc07.177 instalment includes a wide range of correspondence; files on various publishers and projects; and, material relating to The end of equality, Ms and Sassy magazines, Good weekend and Greenpeace International (19 boxes).

The Acc08.057 instalment comprises papers relating to Summers' role as advisor on women's issues to Prime Minister Paul Keating, including letters, briefing notes, press releases and press clippings; a range of publications containing material generated or arranged by Summers; Privilege, a play by Summers commissioned by the ABC; 1974-2007 speeches and lectures, comprehensive; papers relating to New York, National times journalism, and the Office of the Status of Women; three rolodexes of business cards from Summers' time in New York, 1987-1992; one rolodex of business cards from Summers' time as editor of Good weekend; and, material relating to journalism and employment by Fairfax. Also contains some digital and audio material (12 boxes, 1 carton).

16.15 m
Part available for research; part requires permission for research; part not available for research. Not for loan.
Finding Aid

Finding aid (27 p.) available in the Special Collections Reading Room.

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