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Taylor family photographs, ca. 1884-1968

Series Title
Taylor family photographs, ca. 1884-1968
Mitchell and Dixson Libraries Manuscripts Collection, State Library of New South Wales
PXE 694/200-223
Date Range
c. 1884 - 1968

200. Group photograph showing George Augustine Taylor, Vincent Patrick Taylor (Captain Penfold) & Houdini c. 1910
201. Crowd of spectators & friends attending unveiling of the memorial to Major George Augustine Taylor, Veno Park, Heathcote, 20th April 1968
202. Mrs B.M. Hodge & George Augustine Taylor at Veno Park Memorial
203. Mrs Hodge, Mr Hodge & George Augustine Taylor
204. Flag-draped memorial to Major George A. Taylor, born Sydney, 1872
205. Memorial to George A. Taylor - unveiled
206. Close-up of memorial
207. Kerwin Macgraith, artist sculptor, with military & R.A.A.F. at Veno Park
208. 'Captain Penfold' - V.P. Taylor, 1915
209. V.P. Taylor (at front) with second D.A.C. Australian Imperial Forces, at the Sphinx Pyramids, Egypt, Dec, 1915
210. V.P. Taylor doing a stunt at top of Samson Masts of R.M.S. Tahiti enroute to America, August, 1920
211. V.P. Taylor [in inflatable rubber suit] floating on San Francisco Bay, Sept. 29th, 1926
212. V.P. Taylor floating down the Idaho Falls Rapids, U.S.A., July 9th, 1927.
213. V.P. Taylor arriving at New Westminister, British Columbia, Canada, Sept, 3rd 1928
214. V.P. Taylor after paddling down the Sacramento River, California, Oct 6th 1928
215. Taylor, Vincent Patrick (possibly)
216-216a. V.P. Taylor business portrait calling card ; Aeronaut George Taylor business card
217. Photo of George A. Taylor, born 1902. Aged about 4, ca. 1906
218-219. George A. Taylor with John Pearce at an 'aeronautical' display at Grace Brothers, ca. 1971
220. Florence Taylor (wife of George Augustine Taylor)
221. Florence Butler, 1884
222-223. [unidentified woman]

Graphic materials and photographs
24 photoprints

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