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Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Australia - papers concerning Margaret Watts, 1914-1982

Collection Title
Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Australia - papers concerning Margaret Watts, 1914-1982
Mitchell and Dixson Libraries Manuscripts Collection, State Library of New South Wales
MLMSS 7097
Date Range
1914 - 1982
Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Australia

1914-1969; Correspondence, being ms. and ts. letters received and carbon ts. letters sent along with miscellaneous notes, cards and ts. reports. Letters sent include carbon ts. letters and reports written by Watts and sent from Germany during 1948 describing conditions in Berlin for the civilian population and describing relief work undertaken by Watts and others. (Call No.: MLMSS 7097/1)
1914-1973; Papers of Margaret Watts, being ms. and ts. notes, correspondence and miscellaneous photographs. Papers include family papers concerning Watts parents and brothers and sisters. (Call No.: MLMSS 7097/1)
1919; 1935; 1948; Diaries, being ms. diaries with detailed entries: diary, 1919, includes desription of peace work in Europe after World War I; travel diary, 1935, with notes and illustrations, includes detailed description of Watts travel around Europe and America; diary, 1948, includes description of post war reconstruction work in Germany. (Call No.: MLMSS 7097/1)
ca.1974; 'Faith My Shield', an unpublished autobiography by Margaret Watts, being three incomplete ts. and carbon ts. draft versions along with ms. and ts. fragments and notes. (Call No.: MLMSS 7097/2)
1920-1968; Passports and travel permits of Margaret Watts (Call No.: MLMSS 7097/2)
1945-1976; Printed material, including The History of the New South Wales Society For Crippled Children (Sydney, 1976) inscribed to Margaret Watts, Handbook of Practice and Procedure (Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Australia:Sydney,1967) and various printed brochures and booklets (Call No.: MLMSS 7097/2)
1917-1977; Scrap books of Margaret Watts, being 2 vols. including newscuttings, notes, letters and cards received (Call No.: MLMSS 7097/3)
1978-1982; Papers concerning Margaret Watts, including Quaker testimonies, newscuttings, letters sent to Eileen Barnard Kettle concerning Margaret Watts and a Memorial Service sheet. (Call No.: MLMSS 7097/3)
1973-1978; Biographical notes concerning Margaret Watts (Call No.: MLMSS 7097/3)

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