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Papers of the David Family

Papers of the David Family
National Library of Australia Manuscript Collection
MS 8890
Date Range
1823 - 1992

The papers were purchased by the Library in 1995 from Ms Anne Edgeworth

The papers relate to members of Anne Edgeworth's family, chiefly her grandfather Sir Tannatt Edgeworth David, her grandmother Caroline David, her mother Margaret Edgeworth McIntyre, and her aunt Mary Edgeworth David. The collection dates from the 1820s to the 1980s and is arranged by family member. All the series contain family correspondence.

The Edgeworth David component includes honours, letters of sympathy and tributes after his death, photographs, articles by and about him, and reprints of some of his papers. Included in the many letters to his family is a typescript of a letter written at Granite Harbour on 1 November 1908, to be opened by his wife Caroline in the event of his death during the Antarctic expedition. There is also the typescript of a letter written on the same day to Lieutenant E. H . Shackleton, the commander of the Nimrod.

A diary kept by Caroline David at Funafuti and later published in 1899 as 'the unscientific account of a scientific expedition' is in Series 2. There is extensive material on the Samurai sword given in gratitude to her husband by the leader of the first Japanese Antarctic Expedition in 1912, and later presented to the Australian Museum by the David family.

Margaret McIntyre's papers include her writings and papers on community schools and centres.

Mary (Molly) David's papers have a large component of letters to her niece Anne Edgeworth, and many business letters written by Anne on behalf of her aunt, negotiating the publication of 'Letters to Meg'. Handwritten drafts and illustrated typescripts of the unpublished 'Letters to Meg', as well as original typescripts with annotations of Passages of Time and Professor David, form an interesting part of the collection.

13 boxes + 1 folio (2.2 m)
Restricted until Anne Edgeworth's death
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Papers of the David Family, National Library of Australia, Canberra, Details

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