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The Women's [Australian] Flying Club

The Women's [Australian] Flying Club
Australian War Memorial Research Centre
Date Range
Stark, Amy Gwendoline (1910 - 1994)
Gwendoline, Amy

Activities of the Women's Flying Club filmed by Miss Gwen Stark the camp commandant. Weekend camp at St Ives showground. Getting meals and doing chores. Nancy-Bird Walton arrives and inspects the girls. Squadrons marching off to different duties. Squadrons preparing for the parade. Meals prepared and cleaning up after mess. First aid training. Signallers practising Morse Code. Camp at Windsor, NSW. Girls swimming in the Hawkesbury River. March past with Air Commodore De La Pine taking the salute. Drum band. Lady Wakehurst inpects the girls. St Ives, bomb disposal and gas inspectors.
26 min 6 sec
Home movie
16mm/b&w and colour (Kodachrome)/silent


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