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ACT Feminist Anti Nuclear Group - FANG - Collection - NJSN_AC-023

Collection Title
ACT Feminist Anti Nuclear Group - FANG - Collection - NJSN_AC-023
Jessie Street National Women's Library
Date Range
1977 - 1987

Series 1: Minute book, c.1983 - 1985. This series is comprised of a journal containing a diversity of material, both handwritten and typewritten, including meeting minutes [4/5/1983 to 8/11/1983] which are mostly typed on foolscap pages and pasted into the book. Documentation of many other activities, including accounts, budgeting, press releases, workshop summaries, correspondence and contact details are contained within the journal. Series 2: Correspondence, June to August 1986. This series comprises of three handwritten letters from various women for survival collectives in relation to the organisation of protest rallies and meetings, including the Pine Gap Camp. Series 3: Circulars, c. 1983. Various circulars comprise this series which have been produced for the purpose of organising and obtaining support for proposed protest meetings, rallies and camps of the feminist peace movement. The material has generally been created on foolscap loose leafed sheets contained in a manilla folder. Series 4: Newspaper clippings, November 1983. This series comprises of a newspaper clipping, plus copy, of a 'Canberra Times' article dated 15/11/1983 detailing the Alice Springs court hearing into the Pine Gap peace demonstration. Unfortunately, the article is not complete, being torn out of the newspaper with the right hand margin not in tact. Series 5: Publications, 1977 - 1987. A number of newsletters published by the Women for Survival and Women's Action Against Global Violence [WAAGV] from 1983 to 1987 comprise this series. The combination of handwritten and typewritten text, plus illustrations have generally been produced on A3 sheets, stapled together in book form and copied by gestetner machine for circulation. .

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