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Woman's Christian Temperance Union of Victoria Inc. : community organisation records

Woman's Christian Temperance Union of Victoria Inc. : community organisation records
Australian Historic Records Register
Date Range
1887 - 1988
The Woman's Christian Temperance Union of Victoria (1885 - )

Woman's Christian Temperance Union of Victoria Inc. (WCTUV), Executive Council: minutes, 1887-1976 (16 vols).

WCTUV: photographs of Union activities, members, office bearers, buildings, kindergarten and children's camps, competitions and centenary celebrations, 1887-1987 (6 albums, c100 loose photographs).

WCTUV: annual reports and conferences, 1888-1987, and minutes of annual conference, 1890-1972 (17 vols and loose issues).

WCTUV: Local and District Union records, chiefly minute books, but also some financial records and roll books, c1892-1980s (475 vols).

White Ribbon Signal, a bi-monthly journal of the Union, vol. 1, no. 1, 1892-1911, 1926-1988 (23 bound vols and loose issues).

WCTUV: superintendents' record and cradle roll, listing babies and children enrolled as Little White Ribboners, 1919-1933 (1 vol.).

WCTUV: convention rolls, listing delegates, 1941-1978 (8 vols).

WCTUV: ledgers, cash books, and salary and wage books, relating to Melbourne city buildings owned by the Union, 1946-1961 (8 vols).

WCTUV: scrapbook containing Little White Ribboners' enrolment and birthday cards and Loyal Temperance Legion enrolment cards, poems and songs, 1940s (1 vol.).

WCTUV: reports of temperance aid to missionaries, 1945-1968 (1 vol.).

WCTUV: minutes of Officers' meetings, 1947-1971 (2 vols).

WCTUV: minutes of half-yearly conferences and special meetings, 1948-1970 (1 vol.).

WCTUV: press cuttings, 1952-1988 (5 vols and loose cuttings).

WCTUV: budget books, showing financial allocations to Local Unions, 1952-1970 (3 vols).

WCTUV House Committee: minutes, 1898-1907, 1911-1928 (3 vols).

Maria Kirk Free Kindergarten Committee: minutes, 1909-1959 (8 vols), and directors' reports, 1940-1953 (2 vols).

WCTUV Finance Committee: minutes, 1913-1919, 1928-1975 (9 vols). WCTUV Publications Committee: minutes, 1913-1918 (1 vol.); and ledger relating to the sale of publications, 1939-1941 (1 vol.).

WCTUV School for Mothers: minutes, 1915 (1 vol.).

WCTUV Mothers' Prayer Meeting: minutes, 1922-1944 (1 vol.).

WCTUV, Camperdown Union Children's League of Hope: minutes, 1925-1928 (1 vol.).

WCTUV, Brighton Union Band of Hope: minutes, 1926-1933 (1 vol.).

WCTUV, Murrumbeena Union Loyal Temperance Legion: minutes, 1927-1954 (6 vols), and scrapbooks kept by members aged ten to fifteen, containing cartoons and advertisements promoting temperance, and other ephemera, 1940s (2 vols).

WCTUV Education Committee: minutes, 1928-1972 (7 vols).

WCTUV Young Woman's Group: minutes, 1932-1946 (1 vol.).

WCTUV State Council: minutes, 1932-1946 (1 vol.).

WCTUV Pledged Women's Groups: roll books, 1933-1949 (19 vols).

WCTUV Strand Cafe Finance Committee: minutes, 1943-1946 (1 vol.).

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