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Interview with Joe & Lyn Chambers, retired teachers, and Fred Brown, retired miner [sound recording]

Interview with Joe & Lyn Chambers, retired teachers, and Fred Brown, retired miner [sound recording]
National Library of Australia Oral History Collection
ORAL TRC 3388/152-153

interviewed by Rob Willis; recorded by Olya Willis.
Recorded on May 28, 1998 at Wonthaggi, Vic.
1.Joe discusses his early life in Scotland where his father was a shale miner, emigrated to Australia in 1925, his schooling in Wonthaggi & father went mining, discusses the influence of Sunday school & the close relationship between Prebyterian beliefs & socialism, discusses Red Flag song.
2.Song:Red Flag.
3.Recalls his schooling at Wongthaggi, how his father was an active socialist & a member of union movement, discusses the Communist Party & Idris Williams, the 1934 Strike & its impact in Wonthaggi where a militant branch of the committee was organised, how women became involved, how he became a teacher & his studying in Melbourne in 1940.
4.Fred discusses being raised in Wonthaggi, how his father & grandfather were both miners.
5. Song:Wild Colonial boy.
6.Discusses how boys got into mining at Wonthaggi which closed in 1955, 1934-35 Mining Strike, how Wonthaggi miners raised funds in Melbourne.
7.Song: Wonthaggi song(explains song & sings a parody).
8.Song: Show me the way to dig coal (sung in English & Italian).
9.Recitation:Whistle restored (poem read by Lyn).
10.Recitation:Characters (poem read by Lyn).
11. Fred discusses his interest in community singing,Joe recalls Idriss Williams & his influence on the union movement, how different Wonthaggi is today from the comradeship of yesteryear which Fred confirms, his interest in history & writing books, how the theatre which started in 1925 was the centre of Wonthaggi & the love of music.
12.Lyn describes her teaching career

2 digital audio tapes (120 min.)
Open access
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