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Eileen Powell - papers, 1912-1997

Collection Title
Eileen Powell - papers, 1912-1997
Mitchell and Dixson Libraries Manuscripts Collection, State Library of New South Wales
MLMSS 6646
Date Range
1912 - 1997
Powell, Eileen (1913 - 1997)

1977-1997, Date unknown; Folder of letters received, with photocopies of letters and printed material. Correspondents include Mark Latham, League of Women Voters of New South Wales and Rosemary Webb
1949-1966; Australian passports (2)
1928-1948; Scrapbook, mainly of newscuttings
1932-1987; Scrapbook folder mainly of personal mentions in newscuttings concerning, among other things, her campaign as Australian Labor Party candidate for North Sydney in the 1951 Federal election, and newscuttings concerning her husband, Fred Coleman-Browne
1945-1965; Notes mainly for Radio 2KY broadcasts on various topics including the ALP, women and work, women in parliament, community centres, cost/standard of living and the United Nations
1964, 1971-1972; Newscuttings of Eileen Powell's columns, 'Labor Women' in A.L.P. News, 1964, and 'Women at Work' in E.T.U. News, 1971-1972
195-, Date unknown; Folder comprising address to Senate Pre-Selection Committee, 195-; Biographical Details, Date unknown; 'Economic Equality - Goal of the Second Half Century', being an address to Australian Federation of Women Voters Conference, Adelaide, Aug. 1954; photocopied typed transcript of interview with Eileen Powell, with MS. corrections by her, Date unknown
ca. 1977; '"Jack Lang" - Some Comments', being a critique by Eileen Powell of Jack Lang (1977), edited by Heather Radi and Peter Spearritt
1927, 194-, 1948; Printed material and book comprising Memorandum and Articles of Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children N.S.W. (1927); Life and Work in the R.R.R. by the R.R.R. Girls (194-?), edited by Lloyd Ross; and Lebanon : Land of Friendliness (1948), being an association copy with signatures of participants at United Nations Commission on the Status of Women Conference, Beirut, Lebanon, Mar. 1949
1977; Silver Jubilee Medal
1912-1984; Photoprints mainly of Powell family, including Eileen Powell, her father Albert James Powell, her sister Sheila, and of Eileen Powell with colleagues, Win McConnell, Marie Graves and Eileen Shearer at Trades Hall, Sydney, 193-, in Radio 2KY studio, 1949, and electioneering in 1951, including opening of ALP Federal election campaign by J. B. Chifley, Sydney, 28 Mar. 1951

Textual records, graphic materials, clippings, photographs and objects
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