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Papers relating to Pageants

Papers relating to Pageants
State Library of South Australia, Mortlock Library of South Australiana
PRG 1019/4
Walker, Ellinor Gertrude (1893 - 1990)

Scripts and associated material for three pageants 'The Springs of Power' (1933), 'The White Ribbon Pageant' (1936) and 'Heritage' (1936).
PRG 1019/4/21 Transcript of an audiotape of Ellinor Walker's memories of the historical pageant 'Heritage', recorded for the Dalcroze Society (S.A.), 20 August 1976
PRG 1019/4/20 Note concerning the evolution and production of 'Heritage' n.d.
PRG 1019/4/19 Letter of appreciation to Ellinor Walker, written by the Hon. Gen. Secretary of Women's Centenary Council of South Australia, Miss Phebe N. Watson, 21 October 1936
PRG 1019/4/18 Newspaper cuttings relating to the production of 'Heritage', September 1936
PRG 1019/4/17 Programme for 'Heritage', commencing 23 September 1936 at the Tivoli Theatre
PRG 1019/4/16 Script for 'Heritage' spoken scenes for the Centenary Pageant of South Australia, (Prologue, 3 Parts and Epilogue), 1936
PRG 1010/4/15 Typescript biography of Mrs Mary Clement Leavitt
PRG 1019/4/14 Periodical 'The White Ribbon Signal' 1 March 1939. Pages 56-57 reproduces the text of the Prologue written for the 1939 Frances Willard Pageant.
PRG 1019/4/13 Selection of newspaper cuttings of the 1936 and 1939 productions of 'The White Ribbon Pageant'
PRG 1019/4/12 Entrance Ticket for 'The White Ribbon Pageant' Willard Hall, 8 April 1936
PRG 1019/4/11 Photograph of the closing tableau of 'The White Ribbon Pageant', Adelaide Town Hall, 1939. (Ellinor G. Walker in centre front in light dress and black coat)
PRG 1019/4/10 Programme for the 1939 production
PRG 1010/4/9 Programme for 'The White Ribbon Pageant', 8 April 1936 Willard Hall, Adelaide.
PRG 1019/4/8 Script for the 'Frances Willard Centenary Pageant' (enlarged and adapted from 'The White Ribbon Pageant'), as presented in 1939. It appears a new Prologue, entitled 'Tribute', was written for the 1939 production
PRG 1019/4/7 Outline sketch for 'The White Ribbon Pageant'
PRG 1019/4/6 Alternate version of the script of 'The White Ribbon Pageant'
PRG 1019/4/5 Script for 'The White Ribbon Pageant' (a Pageant of the inception, early history and growth of the Women's Christian Temperance Movement) written for the Golden Jubilee of the W.C.T.U. of South Australia, 1936, Willard Hall.
PRG 1019/4/4 Programme for the opening of the Fourth Triennial Conference of the Australian Federation of Women Voters, at which 'The Springs of Power' was performed, 22 May 1933
PRG 1019/4/3 Newscutting about 'The Springs of Power'
PRG 1019/4/2 Brief sketch of plot of 'The Springs of Power'
PRG 1019/4/1 Script for 'The Springs of Power' (Pageant of the Woman Movement) presented at the opening of the A.F.W.V. Conference, Masonic Hall, Adelaide, May 1933

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