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Play scripts for performance

Play scripts for performance
State Library of South Australia, Mortlock Library of South Australiana
PRG 1019/3
Date Range
c. 1915 - c. 1959
Walker, Ellinor Gertrude (1893 - 1990)

Includes additional notes on character and programs
PRG 1019/3/13 'Golden Jubilee' (Dramatic Scene for presentation at the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of the League of Women Voters of South Australia, July 1959
PRG 1019/3/12 Programme for 'The Middle Way', 11, 13-14 September 1948
PRG 1019/3/11 Notes on characters in 'The Middle Way' and the Fantasy Interlude from Act 1, 1948
PRG 1019/3/10 Fantasy Interlude from Act 1 of 'The Middle Way', 1948
PRG 1019/3/9 'The Middle Way'. (Three-act play about co-operation, presented at Stow Hall, Flinders Street, Adelaide for the Adelaide Co-operative Society, September 1948)
PRG 1019/3/8 Dialogue between two women puppets, 'The Visitor and the Hostess', concerning the Women's Electoral Campaign. (Given at Puppet Show, Leavitt Hall, 28 April 1941, in aid of Women's Electoral Campaign Fund).
PRG 1019/3/7 Dialogue between the Chinese Lady and the White Lady re the League of Women Voters. (Given at Puppet Show, Parkin College, in aid of L.W.V., 1940)
PRG 1019/3/6 'In Defence of Alcohol' n.d.
PRG 1019/3/5 Adaption from 'Youth and Ancient Custom' n.d.
PRG 1019/3/4 Symbolic Dramatic Scene for Silver Jubilee of Women's Non-Party Association. (Produced 1934 at League of Women Voters Club Hall, Alexandra Chambers)
PRG 1019/3/3 'Jingle Jingle' (Three act fantasy play with music by Mrs F.S. Walker. Produced 22 September 1922 at Unitarian Hall, Wakefield Street, for Women's Non-Party Association, and later for St. John's Church, Halifax Street)
PRG 1019/3/2 'Sylvia Sky' (never performed) n.d.
PRG 1019/3/1 'The Rose Fairies'. (Written for performance at Wilderness School break-up at request of Miss Brown and given in the Walkerville Hall ca.1915).

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