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Typescripts of Ellinor Walker

Typescripts of Ellinor Walker
State Library of South Australia, Mortlock Library of South Australiana
PRG 1019/5
Date Range
1934 - 1944
Walker, Ellinor Gertrude (1893 - 1990)

Articles about women's suffrage and a short story.
PRG 1019/5/5 'The Story of the Franchise - How Women won the vote in South Australia', 1944. (A later version but identical to 4 above.)
PRG 1019/5/4 'The Story of the Franchise - South Australia' written for the Golden Jubilee of Women Suffrage in South Australia, Adelaide Town Hall, 23 June 1944. (Note by the author. 'Spoken by a young actress in costume'.)
PRG 1019/5/3 'Haunted', a short story printed in 'The Chronicle', 1939. (Unrelated to women's vote issues.)
PRG 1019/5/2 'Extract from an Adelaide Newspaper of the Year 2036 - League of Women Voters Reviews a Century's Activity - An historic Gathering'. Read by the author E.G. Walker as main part of her speech at a dinner given in 'The Arcadia' in 1936, for a L.W.V. banquet. An introduction to this was called 'A Vision of the Future'.
PRG 1019/5/1 "Non-Party:The Positive Negative, published in 'Dawn' issue 9, November 1934.

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