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Papers of the Scott Family, 1777-1925

Papers of the Scott Family, 1777-1925
State Library of New South Wales
Date Range
1777 - 1925

Helenus Scott, the elder, 1760-1821, formerly physician in the medical service of the East India Company, died on the voyage to Australia. His sons, Robert, 1799?-1844, and Helenus, the younger, 1802-1879, received land grants at Glendon, near Singleton, N.S.W. Helenus the younger's wife was Sarah Anne Rusden. Their daughter, Rose Scott, 1847-1925, prominent in the early feminist movement in N.S.W., sought the improvement through legislation of the position of women and children.
The papers of Helenus Scott, the elder, 1777-1821, include personal, business, medical and scientific papers relating to his career in both England and India. Robert Scott's papers, 1820-1843, concern his properties Glendon and Dalkeith. The papers of Helenus Scott, the younger, 1818-1879, contain personal and business papers re Glendon and Roughit properties. Sarah Anne Scott's papers, c.1845-1892, are mainly letters received. The papers of Rose Scott, which form the bulk of the collection, consist of personal papers, 1869-1925, and the records of organizations of which she was an office-bearer - Womanhood Suffrage League, 1891-1902, Women's Political Educational League, 1902-1909, National Council of Women of N.S.W., 1896-1925, Peace Society of N.S.W., 1907-1924 and others, together with many leaflets and newspaper cuttings. Also included are papers of the Rusden Family, 1811-1923 and those of Rose's nephew, Helenus Hope Scott Wallace, 1888-1925

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Finding Aid

Guide to the papers of the Scott Family in the Mitchell Library, Sydney. Part I. Library Council of N.S.W., 1979. pp. ii, 44

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