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League of Women Voters of S.A. : SUMMARY RECORD

Collection Title
League of Women Voters of S.A. : SUMMARY RECORD
State Library of South Australia, Mortlock Library of South Australiana
SRG 116
Date Range
1895 - 1983
League of Women Voters of South Australia (1909 - 1979)

Records of the League of Women Voters of South Australia (formerly Women's Non-Party Political Association) comprises minutes, membership and subscription lists, correspondence, annual reports, newsletters, miscellaneous printed items. (VOLUME 1 OF SERIES 1 MISSING). Of special interest are the following:
Series 8 - Correspondence, notes and newspaper cuttings relating to the campaign for more women in Parliament, 1977-1979
Series 10 - Papers of the Reverend Winifred Kiek (1960)
Series 17 - Letter to Catherine Helen Spence from the National Council of Women in the United States (1895)
Series 27 - Correspondence, papers and pamphlets relating to issue of equal pay. (1942-1969). Includes printed submissions, transcript of proceedings and a report of the Equal Pay Test Case of 1969.
Series 28 - Papers of Mrs. Bessie Mountford
Series 31 - Papers relating to the International Alliance of Women (1952-1974)
Series 33 International Women's News, June 1958 - April 1977
Series 35-37 - Miscellaneous printed material on women's issues and subject files kept by the Australian Federation of Women voters. Note that the State Library of South Australia also holds the monthly pamphlets issued by the Women's Non-Party Association of South Australia: Non-Party News Vol.1. February 1922 - July 1923 and (New Series) Vols. 1 and 2. October 1924 - September 1933; call number

Handwritten; typescript; pamphlets; books; newspaper clippings
2.53 m
Not for Loan – reading room access only
Finding Aid

Cathy Chigros, Guide to the records about women held in private and society record groups, [C. Chigros], [Adelaide], [1990], [62] pp. Details

Detailed Series List available from the Mortlock Library reference desk

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