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Woman's Christian Temperance Union of Tasmania Papers

Woman's Christian Temperance Union of Tasmania Papers
Archives Office of Tasmania
Date Range
1892 - 1981

Constitution and bylaws, 1892; Minutes of Annual Conventions, 1893-1904, 1916-1969; Minutes of State Executive, 1915-1977; Combined Southern Tasmanian Executive Minute Book, 1933-1935; Hobart branch minute book, 1891-1927, 1933-1940, 1952-1971' Hobart branch executive minutes, 1916-1927; Young people's branch, ?-1925; Tea Room Committee Minutes, 1921-1922; lists of members, 1908-1961; attendance lists for the Woman's Christian Temperance Union Mothers Meeting, Hobart, 1941-1922; records of the Free Literature Department, 1917-1928; record of literature produced by various local branches, 1924-1927; visitor's book Woman's Christian Temperance Union Hostel, Hobart, 1927-1929; birthday book of Woman's Christian Temperance Union members, 1936; journal of income and expenditure, 1892-1948; journal of income and expenditure Woman's Christian Temperance Union Hostel, Hobart, 1894-1903, 1908-1909, 1928-1930; ledger of income and expenditure, 1940-1954; bank pass book, 1947-1952; 13 misc. photographs of members, 1893-1966; Young Women's Christian Temperance Union Minutes, 1915-1923; Loyal Temperance Legion minutes1902-1906; Hobart City Mission Band of Hope minutes, 1926-1930; Women's Total Abstinence Band minutes, 1914-1915; Burnie Branch minutes, 1892-1897, 1904-1958; Burnie Branch list of members, 1909-1935; Launceston Branch minutes, 1899-1915, 1918-1934, 1941-1981; New Town Branch minutes 1923-1964; New Town Branch Little White Ribboners rolls, 1952-1964; New Town Branch cashbook, 1943-1959; The White Ribbon Signal, 'In Memoriam number' for Jessie S. Rooke, 1 February 1906; Annual reports, mainly of local branches, 1929, 1931-1936, 1943-1944, 1952; general correspondence, 1939-1940, state secretary's cashbook, 1924-1929; Hobart Branch cashbook of refreshment booths, regattas and shows, 1901-1908, 1936-1939; North Eastern Branch cahsbooks, 1963-1976; Queensborough Branch membership roll, 1937-1953; Queensborough Branch cashbooks, 1927-1937, 1945-1962, 1965-1981; Devonport Branch cashbook, 1937-1945; State Treasurer's record of money received from local branches, 1966-1971.

108 Items

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