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SDN (Sydney Day Nurseries) Children's Services Inc. - Records, 1905-2006

Collection Title
SDN (Sydney Day Nurseries) Children's Services Inc. - Records, 1905-2006
Mitchell and Dixson Libraries Manuscripts Collection, State Library of New South Wales
MLMSS 7242; MAV/FM4/10974; MAV/FM4/10975; MAV/FM4/10976
Date Range
1905 - 2006
SDN Children's Services Inc. (1905 - )

MLMSS 7242

Executive Committee minutes: 3 August 1905-6 January 1908; 1 November 1917-13 September 1920; 11 October 1920-9 June 1924; 14 July 1924-11 June 1928; 9 July 1928-9 May 1932; 13 June 1932-10 July 1933
(Request Microfilm: CY 4410)
Special & General Meetings: 14 July 1924-10 July 1933
(Request Microfilm: CY 4452)
List of subscriptions and donations: 1936-1942; 1943-1946; 1946-1962; Register of Subscribers: No date.
(Request Microfilm: CY 5014)
Redfern Day Nursery Committee minutes 5 August 1947-6 April 1955.

Executive Committee minutes: August 1933-December 1937; 11 June 1945-13 May 1946 (also includes Finance Committee, Principal's report, and Nursery School minutes); February 1938-May 1945
(Request Microfilm: CY 4452)
Minutes of Finance, Executive, and Nursery Schools Committees, 11 June 1946-10 May 1948 (Request Microfilm: CY 4455)
15 June 1948-31 May 1950 minutes of Nursery School Committee, Training College Advisory Committee, and Principal's report, June 1948-1949); June 1949-May 1950 (includes Finance Committee meetings, Training College Advisory meeting minutes, House Committee report, and Principal's report, June 1949-May 1950)
(Request Microfilm: CY 4485)
Nursery School Subcommittee Meeting Minutes, 1933-1945
(Request Microfilm: CY 4454)

Finance and Executive Committee meeting minutes, June 1950-May 1952
(Request Microfilm: CY 4524)
Finance and Executive Committee meeting minutes, June 1952-May 1955
(Request Microfilm: CY 4543)
Finance and Executive Committee meeting minutes, June 1955-May 1958
(Request Microfilm: CY 4599)
Finance and Executive Committee meeting minutes, June 1958-May 1961
(Request Microfilm: CY 4600)

Executive Committee Minutes, June 1961-May 1965
(Request Microfilm: CY 4632)
Executive Committee minutes, June 1965-December 1968
(Request Microfilm: CY 4633)
Executive Committee minutes, January 1969-December 1972
(Request Microfilm: CY 4634)

Executive Committee Minutes, January 1973-December 1973
(Request Microfilm: CY 4690, frames 1-127)
Executive Committee Minutes, January 1974-December 1974
(Request Microfilm: CY 4690, frames 128-237)
Executive Committee Minutes, January 1975-December 1975
(Request Microfilm: CY 4690, frames 238-357)
Executive Committee Minutes, January 1976-December 1976
(Request Microfilm: CY 4691, frames 1-130)
Executive Committee Minutes, January 1977-December 1977
(Request Microfilm: CY 4691, frames 131-256)
Executive Committee Minutes, January 1978-December 1978
(Request Microfilm: CY 4691, frames 257-386)
Executive Committee Minutes, January 1979-June 1980
(Request Microfilm: CY 4692, frames 1-190)
Executive Committee Minutes, July 1980-June 1981
(Request Microfilm: CY 4692, frames 191-323)
Executive Committee Minutes, July 1981-June 1982
(Request Microfilm: CY 4692, frames 324-489)
Executive Committee Minutes, July 1982-June 1983
(Request Microfilm: CY 4698, frames 1-151)
Executive Committee Minutes, July 1983-December 1984
(Request Microfilm: CY 4698, frames 152-393)

Executive Committee Minutes, October 1987-October 1989
(Request Microfilm: CY 4730)
Executive Committee Minutes, November 1989-October 1991
(Request Microfilm: CY 4733)
Executive Committee Minutes, February 1987-September 1987
(Request Microfilm: CY 4868, frames 1-140)
Executive Committee Minutes, October 1984-December 1986
(Request Microfilm: CY 4725)
Minutes of Committee Meetings, and executive papers, April 1990-June 1993
(Request Microfilm: CY 4870, frames 1-1579)

Annual meetings, 30 October 1987-26 October 2005

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, 23 November 1992-16 December 1996

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes, 17 February 1997-6 November 2006

See also published Annual Reports (nos. 1-90), 1905-1995, on microfilm reels MAV/FM4/10928 (2 reels). There are also newscuttings and photographs, 1905-1984, on MAV/FM4/10929 (1 reel) and scrapbooks, 1937-1973, on MAV/FM4/10930 (1 reel).

Textual records and microforms
6 boxes (2 m)
This material is held offsite and can take up to four days to retrieve. - Applies to MLMSS 7242. MAWV/FM4/10974-6 Restricted

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