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Nancye Kent Perry Papers

Nancye Kent Perry Papers
State Library of Victoria
MS 13758; MS 13933; MS 14106
Date Range
c. 1886 - 2011

Victorian Women Graduates' Assn. newsletters 1963-71; Aust. Fedn. Of University Women newsletters 1963-71; University Women's College annual reports 1940-64; St Hilda's College Auxiliary 1963-68; Australian Mathematics teacher publications - educational magazines 1953-55; Canon (?) Australian Journal of Music 1954-60; Melbourne Film Festival program 19?-66, 1954-59; Film Journal 1957-61; Melb, Little Theatre prog. 1956; Chessworld 1949-51; misc. programs; publications e.g. magazines; Oil painting on board by Naylor Gill (1873-c.1945) of bushfire; no date; 35 x 56 cm and frame; Theatre programs, magazine 'Australian' August 1947-April 1950 (a monthly review from the Australian News and Information Bureau, Australia House, London); Company reports 1958-61; 'Melbourne Graduate' and other printed items; theatre and concert programs; gereral information re investment, 'The Australian Financial Review''s Directory of the Top 800 Australian companies; company prospectuses A-Z; Australian Local Government Women's Assbn. Vic. Branch minutes, newletters, correspondence 1965-71; news cuttings referring to women; 'Women in the Workforce Trends in Employ- ment (Dept. Labour and Nat. Service, 1967); Sydney Uni. Women's Union annual reports 1959-67; Company annual reports and prospectus 1962-1986; further material on dissenting shareholder action during Humes takeover bid; investment magazines 1984-1986; University of Sydney lecture notes on zoology, biology, genetics, biochemistry and entomology; material pertaining to various entomological researches i.e. sirex wood wasp, Murray Valley encephalitis mosquito etc. Also, Personal documents chiefly car related 1955-1977, ABC TV Census 1961, Company reports and share prices 1965-1984, Dog Breeders' Seminar Veterinary School, University of Melbourne 1973, Public Record Act 1973.
Collection also includes biographical and personal records, entomological research files, records of share market investments, photographs and portraits, art works and related records, extensive family history records and personal correspondence.

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