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Office of Major Projects [known as the Victorian Government Major Projects Unit 1987-1992]

Office of Major Projects [known as the Victorian Government Major Projects Unit 1987-1992]
Public Record Office Victoria
VA 2979
Date Range
1987 -

The Major Projects Unit is responsible for major projects assigned to it by the Government. The modus operandi of the Unit is for the Government to formally assign responsibility for specified approved projects to the Unit. Any liabilities arising from Government approved activities are the responsibility of the State. The Minister responsible formally assigns responsibility in accordance with the Premier's order of 13 February 1987 and Section 4 (1) (c) of the Urban Land Authority Act (No.9320). Initially there were eight projects managed by the Unit, all of them important to the development of inner Melbourne. In 1989, there were thirteen projects reflecting the Government's determination to accelerate the development of government-owned land.

The Unit works closely with all the relevant government departments (Ministry of Planning and Environment, Ministry of Conservation, Forests and Lands and the Ministry of Transport). The Unit brings together people with management skills from a number of departments and agencies and uses the services of consultants and contractors. Recruitment is primarily through secondment and contract employment.

Each project is headed by a Project Director, supported by a small project team assembled from the and public sectors. Project Directors report through the Director of the Unit to the Minister and are supported by a core staff which provides legal and financial expertise.

In accordance with the provisions of the Annual Reporting Act 1983, the annual report of the Unit is submitted to the Minister Responsible for Major Projects. The Minister, as chairman of the Special Committee for Major Projects, reports to the Economic Committee of the Cabinet.


The functions of the Unit include acquisition, consolidation and preparation of sites. Its task is to facilitate the development of large strategically significant areas of government-owned land for commercial, tourist and residential purposes. It is responsible for major state projects assigned to it by the Government. It provides a central contact point for developers interested in investing in major government projects.

The Unit has the authority to invite tenders, evaluate competitive development proposals, select developers, facilitate planning approvals, execute financial and legal agreements and supervise construction.

Some of the projects managed by the Unit as at March 1989 were:

Lynch's Bridge
South Bank
Prince Henry's Hospital
Jolimont Railyards
Willesmere Hospital Site
World Congress Centre
Redevelopment of the State Library
Docklands (proposed Olympic Games Village)
Queen Victoria Hospital
Old Treasury

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