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Franca Arena - papers, ca.1960-2000

Collection Title
Franca Arena - papers, ca.1960-2000
Mitchell and Dixson Libraries Manuscripts Collection, State Library of New South Wales
Date Range
1960 - 2000
Arena, Franca (1937 - )

I. CORRESPONDENCE, 1960-2000 (Call No.: MLMSS 7362/1-13)
II. SUBJECT FILES, 1970-1999 (Call No.: MLMSS 7362/16-27)
III. NEWSCUTTINGS, 1996-1999 (Call No.: MLMSS 7362/14-15)
IV. LITERARY PAPERS, 196--1999 (Call No.: MLMSS 7362/28-30)
V. PRINTED MATERIAL, 1974-2000 (Call No.: MLMSS 7362/31-33)
VI. VIDEO RECORDINGS, 1977-1999 (Call No.: VT 1047-VT 1109)
VII. AUDIO TAPES, 1984-1999 (Call No.: MLOH 508/1-77)

Textual records, sound recordings, clippings and moving images
33 boxes (5.94 m)
Partly restricted

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