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Salmon family - Malcolm Salmon - papers, 1927-1986

Series Title
Salmon family - Malcolm Salmon - papers, 1927-1986
State Library of New South Wales
MLMSS 6105/Boxes 1-8, 10-15; MLMSS 6105/Box 9X; MLOH 197
Date Range
1927 - 1986

1950, 1962-1985, date unknown; Correspondence with, among others, Eric Aarons, Laurie Aarons, Malcolm Booker, G.H. (George Harold) Burchett, Wilfred Burchett, Walter J. Burgess, Alex Carey, Jean Chesneaux, Roger Coates, Dang Chan Lieu, Dave Davies, Ralph Gibson, Amirah Inglis, Angus McIntyre, J.A.C. Mackie, Ken Mansell, David G. Marr, David Martin, Jack Morrison, Rex Mortimer, Helen G. Palmer, John Playford, Katharine Susannah Prichard, Leonard Radic, Alec Robertson, Norman Rothfield, Ernestine Rothols, John Sendy, Carlyle A. Thayer, Gough Whitlam and Peter Young

1962; Letters received mainly from Lorraine Salmon, Aileen Palmer and Rex Mortimer (Call No.: MLMSS 6105/2/1)

1962-1967; Correspondence with, among others, Laurie Aarons, Phillip Bonosky, Jim Cairns, Manning Clark, Steve Cooper, Leslie Haylen, Norman Jeffery, Sir Mark Oliphant, Helen G. Palmer, Phan Hien, Katharine Susannah Prichard, Ernestine Rothols, Geoffrey Serle and Peggy Somers (Call No.: MLMSS 6105/2/2)

1966-1971; Letters received, being testimonials, mainly from Jim Cairns and J.M. (John Murray) Wheeldon (Call No.: ML MSS 6105/2/3)

1967-1968; Letters received from Lorraine Salmon, 30 Mar. 1967-30 July 1968 (Call No.: MLMSS 6105/2/4)

1967; Correspondence concerning his visit to the Democratic Republic of Vietnam (North Vietnam), May 1967 (Call No.: MLMSS 6105/2/5)

1967, 1974-1977; 'Correspondence to and from Hanoi', being correspondence with, among others, Eric Aarons, Laurie Aarons, Robin Blackburn, Wilfred Burchett, Rowan J. Cahill, Dang Chan Lieu, Dave Davies, Derek Davies, Far Eastern Economic Review, Mavis Robertson, Ernestine Rothols, Russell Spurr and Pete Thomas (Call No.: MLMSS 6105/2/6)

1974-1978; 'Correspondence to and from Chiswick', being correspondence to and from his Sydney address with, among others, Malcolm Booker, Wilfred Burchett, Dave Davies, Geoff Davis, Far Eastern Economic Review, Claude Julien (Le Monde Diplomatique, Paris), J.A.C. Mackie, Roger Milliss, John Sendy, Transnational Co-operative and Tom Uren (Call No.: MLMSS 6105/2/7)

1968-1970; Letters received from Gerald Griffin (Call No.: MLMSS 6105/2/8)

1975-1976; Correspondence concerning employment applications (Call No.: MLMSS 6105/2/9)

1983-1984; Letters received from Dave Davies and Pete Thomas concerning the Communist Party of Australia (Call No.: MLMSS 6105/2/10)

1943-1946, 1975-1977; Papers concerning his war service and application to the Defence Service Homes Scheme (Call No.: MLMSS 6105/3/1)

1951-1959; Papers concerning the Australian economy, and Australian politics and history. Include the comic, The Calamitous Career of Dictator Bob, ca. 1951, and issues of The Guardian, 1951 and 1959 (Call No.: MLMSS 6105/3/2)

1961-1967; Papers mainly concerning his speaking tour of Australia and New Zealand, 1967 (Call No.: MLMSS 6105/3/3)

1962-1965; Papers concerning Brian Fitzpatrick including his testimonial dinner, 19 June 1964, and issues of Brian Fitzpatrick's Labor News Letter, with newscuttings concerning the death of journalist, Warren McIlwraith, 1965 (Call No.: MLMSS 6105/3/4)

1962-1976; Papers concerning his English translation of Jean Chesneaux's Contribution a l'histoire de la nation vietnamienne, 1954 (Call No.: MLMSS 6105/3/5)

1968; Papers concerning the Stockholm Conference on Vietnam - International Liaison Committee (Call No.: MLMSS 6105/3/6)

1977-1985; Papers concerning his work with Pacific Islands Monthly, including drafts of articles and correspondence with, among others, James Frederick Burton, Bengst Danielsson, Margaret Jones and Daniel Tardieu (Call No.: MLMSS 6105/3/7)

1978-1979; Papers concerning his editing of the publication, The Vietnam-Kampuchea-China: Motivations, Background Significance. Department of Political and Social Change, Research School of Pacific Studies, Australian National University, 1979. Working Paper No. 1. (Call No.: MLMSS 6105/3/8)

1966-1971; Records of the Bondi Branch of the Communist Party of Australia with related CPA papers. Include membership lists, correspondence, CPA circulars and minutes of meetings, papers concerning the National Anti-war Conference, Sydney, 17-21 Feb. 1971; The Guardian readers' survey, Aug.-Sep. 1966; and letters of introduction received from CPA officials for his European trip, 1968

1970-1971; Papers concerning the death and funeral of Lorraine Salmon, being mainly letters of condolence received

ca. 1957-ca. 1985; Literary manuscripts and publications mainly of his articles, translations and talks

ca. 1960-ca. 1979; Literary manuscripts mainly of his articles, including those written during his time in France and Czechoslovakia, 1968, with related notebooks

1960-ca. 1976; Notebooks, being farewell autograph book from Vietnam, 1960; six notebooks for 1967; two each for 1968 and 1974; one each for ca. 1975 and ca. 1976; and folder of undated notebooks and fragments; and address book with envelope of business cards and addresses on slips of paper, 195-?-ca. 1980

1957-1963, date unknown; Scrapbook, including his interview with Anwar Kadir, Head of the Delegation of the Communist Party of Indonesia in Hanoi, Sep. 1960, and Ms. Note by, and account of Egon Erwin Kisch, by his friend Bruno Frei (Call No.: MLMSS 6105/9X/1)

1958-1964; Scrapbook, being mainly of newscuttings of his articles for The Guardian and Tribune, and reviews of his book, Focus on Indo-China, 1961, and of Pig follows Day: Two years in Viet Nam, 1960 (Call No.: MLMSS 6105/9X/2)

1959-1960, 1966; Scrapbook, including letters received; German article on Egon Erwin Kisch by Bruno Frei, Hanoi, 1959; Malcolm Salmon's interviews with D.N. Aidit, Secretary General of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Indonesia, 1959; Pham Van Dong, Premier and Foreign Minister of the DRVN, 11 June 1960, and Ho Chi Minh, President of the DRVN, 11 Mar 1960; and MS. Of I Look Back by Alan Marshall for the centenary issue of The Guardian (Call No.: MLMSS 6105/9X/3)

1967-1978; Scrapbook, being mainly of newscuttings (Call No.: MLMSS 6105/9X/4)

BOX 10
1960-1961; Corrected carbon typescript versions (2) and printed copy of his book, Focus on Indo-China. Hanoi: Foreign Languages Publishing House, 1961

BOX 11
1927-1985; Miscellaneous papers, including passports, press identification cards, invitations, tribute to Fred Paterson, ca. 1977, documents concerning his marriage to Peta Hussey on 14 Dec. 1971, travel maps, receipts and Russian and Vietnamese postcards

BOX 12
1967-1980; Papers, being mainly printed material and newscuttings concerning Vietnam, including folder inscribed 'Vietnam Materials '74-'75' and a copy of his pamphlet, North Vietnam: a first-hand account of the blitz. Sydney: Tribune, 1969?

BOX 13
1955-1985; Papers, being mainly printed material and newscuttings concerning Vietnam, including photocopied typescript of Mona Brand's sound-stage play, Once More Flowers Blossom, date unknown, set in the mountainous North-West of Vietnam, 1948-1954, and based on actual experiences described to the author while visiting the region in 1957

BOX 14
1967-1968; Printed material, being newspapers, magazines and newscuttings from France and Czechoslovakia

BOX 15
1953-1982; Printed material and newscuttings on Australian and International politics, including G.H. (George Harold) Burchett's pamphlet, America and the Korea War. Rosebud West, Vic.: World Unity Publications, 1953

MLOH 197/1
Malcolm Salmon's review of The Last Domino (Collins, 1976) by Malcolm Booker for ABC Radio; Malcolm Salmon's review of The Boat People (Penguin, 1979) by Bruce Grant for ABC Radio; and Malcolm Salmon's commentary for ABC Radio on the relationship of Australia and Pacific Island governments with the United States of America. Based on recent events, ca. 1981, involving Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea. The former cancelled a good will tour of two US warships to Port Vila following the US Government's refusal to acknowledge or deny whether nuclear weapons were on board the ships. Papua New Guinea seized an American fishing vessel involved in tuna fishing within PNG's 200 mile exclusion zone. The US recognises tuna as a migratory fish and, therefore, the seizure as illegal, ca. 1976-ca.1981

MLOH 197/2
ABC Radio dramatisation of conversation between Mao Tse-Tung and President Pompidou of France during his visit to China in Sept. 1973, based on transcript published by the French weekly, Le Nouvel Observateur, shortly after Mao's death in 1976. Translated and narrated by Malcom Salmon, with Alexander Archdale as Mao and Ron Hadrick as Pompidou, ca. 1977

Textual records and sound recordings

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