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Women's Broadcast scripts incorporating scripts for the 'Women's Session'

Series Title
Women's Broadcast scripts incorporating scripts for the 'Women's Session'
Australian Broadcasting Commission
National Archives of Australia, Sydney Office
Date Range
1 December 1945 - 31 December 1952

This series consists of continuity scripts of the ABC's Women's Broadcasts, from December 1945 to December 1952. The scripts outlineand introduce items in each day's program, detailing guest speakersand their topics, and giving the titles of music to be played. The 'National Women's Session', 'Women's Magazine' and 'MorningMagazine' were the shows run specifically to cater for the femalecomponent of the ABC's audience. The standard introduction/conclusionfor the 'Women's Session' stated that it was 'designed particularlyfor the service of the housewife'. The show ran from 10.30amvirtually every weekday, first on radio station 2BL and later,approximately from 1946, on station 2FC. The Talks Department, which was responsible for the 'women'sbroadcasts' was the first Federal Department in the AustralianBroadcasting Commission and was established in 1936. The functions ofthe Talks Department were to arrange and be responsible for all talkson the National Programme and to be responsible for the generalsupervision of talks on all State Programmes. In 1939 a TalksAssistant was appointed to specifically organise 'women's talks'. By1935, however, Gladys Moore had joined the ABC staff and wasbroadcasting on this theme. By 27 June 1969 the abolition of theTalks Department had been effected, and the new Spoken WordDepartment came into operation. The Women's Session broadcaststhemselves were abolished in 1971. The records in this series contain the scripts and continuities frommany of the broadcasts, as well as associated inter-office memorandaand letters (including letters from listeners). The scripts are mainly typed and usually stapled or clipped together.The scripts record what was scheduled to be said during the progam,but they do not always exactly record the material that went to air.None of the programs could be taped and they were not transcribed,and therefore if a speaker ad libbed, there is no record of what wassaid. Some of the scripts are stamped 'Speaker's Copy' and some are stamped'Announcer's Copy' and many contain handwritten amendments. Allscripts, however, have 'Approved' written across their top left handcorner. The earliest scripts do not have a 'Unit Presentation Sheet' attachedto them, but all scripts list the title and date of the broadcast,the station it was broadcast from and the name of the compere. Book reviews formed the core of many broadcasts, as did matters such as food shortages, food production, the Red Cross, discharged servicewomen, fashion, cooking and childcare. Sessions on travel were also a staple throughout the years. The women's broadcasts had a variety of comperes including Gladys Moore, Jill Meillon, Betty Higgins and Clare Mitchell.

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