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Selection of cartoon drawings from Smith's Weekly, ca. 1930-1950

Collection Title
Selection of cartoon drawings from Smith's Weekly, ca. 1930-1950
Mitchell and Dixson Libraries Manuscripts Collection, State Library of New South Wales
PXD 840
Date Range
c. 1930 - c. 1950

Drawings - 21 ink, watercolour & crayon drawings ; 48 x 76 cm. or smaller

1. 'Enlist here join the Navy' / Begg
2. 'It's my wife, nurse - she doesn't like me being alone with strange women' / Jean Cullen
3. '-and the judges have called for a photo' / Les Dixon
4. 'Caution curve. I told you so!' / John Endean
5.' Tell them to repeat the last couple of words' / John Endean
6. 'Could I talk to you a moment, there's something I want to get off my chest' / John Endean
7. 'One day John Bugsby, you'll carry your silly suspicions too far' / M. Horseman
8. 'New hand - Get back to bed, sir, you're walking in your sleep' / J. Jonsson
9. 'There's no need for me to go home early, my husband doesn't eat breakfast' / Lahm
10. 'Look, Jim can you do this?' / Emile Mercier
11. 'All men are the same to me. It's a wonder your husband stands it' / Morrison
12. 'Boss: business is bad but I suppose a man can't have everything' / Quinlan '34
13. 'You should consider yourself lucky - Mr Hallstrom would have given my 75 for it' / Norm Rice
14. 'Oh no! We couldn't give you four years to pay - Why the furniture won't last that long!' / Norm Rice
15. 'Hullo, Rhubarb! What are you doing these days?...' / Jim Russell
16. 'Bet you ten bob the bosses' new secretary gets the bullet this week' / Albert Smith
17. 'Jus' put yerself in my shoes, lady, an' yer won't 'ave a care in the world' / Unk White
18. 'Hey! Who th'ell yer shovin'' / Unk White
19. 'Now then, that's just wher you put your foot in it' / Unk White
20. 'Maisie, I insist you take this! Remember what happened last time you went for a car ride!' / [Callett? / Hallett?]
21. [Caricature of 'Mo']
22-24. 'Syb! If you and me had boyfriends...' / [untitled artist, possibly Morrison?]
Plus two copies of 'Smith's Weekly' (final edition), 28 October 1950, signed by cartoonists who worked on the newspaper. Includes signatures of artists featured in this collection

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