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Interview with Dame Elisabeth Murdoch

Interview with Dame Elisabeth Murdoch
National Library of Australia
Date Range
20 February 1995
Farquharson, John

Dame Elisabeth speaks of her early life in Toorak; her debut; meeting Keith Murdoch; the impact of the Depression; building the stables and dairy; her voluntary work; the Children's Hospital; Murdoch Institute of Research into Birth Defects; working women; the National Gallery volunteers; her appointment as trustee of the Gallery; Friends of the Gallery; the tapestry workshop; McClelland Art Gallery; Elisabeth Murdoch Sculpture Foundation; Lenton Parr; Daryl and Joan Lindsay; George Lambert; Nellie Melba; Keith and Gallipoli; Keith's acquaintances; her inclusion in Keith's professional life; their children's upbringing; Keith's death; her garden; Cruden Farm; Keith and the Argus and Courier Mail; Rupert and the Herald; Jack Williams; Keith McPherson; Keith's funeral; Rupert's taking charge of the Adelaide News; Rohan Rivett; Rupert as a business man; modern literature and language; the Herald; Rupert as an Australian; Keith's war efforts; Australian-American Association; Keith's stammer; Booroomba; Cavan; her present activities; future of Cruden Farm; visitors to Cruden; Clyde School; Braemar College; Geelong Grammar; honours awarded to her; her disappointments. Dame Elisabeth discusses Keith's foresight; producing Australia's own newsprint; horse-riding; Hitler diaries; Shawcross' biography of Rupert; Newscorp; Lachlan; her greatest pleasure; staff; her typical day; her Clubs; her honary degree; her family; the future of the farm; Animal Ethics committee of the Howard Florey Institute; sale of the family's art; Keith' s background.

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