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Clare Bishop interviewed by Ann-Mari Jordens in the Chief Migration Officers' oral history project

Clare Bishop interviewed by Ann-Mari Jordens in the Chief Migration Officers' oral history project
National Library of Australia, Oral History and Folklore Collection
TRC 5930/16

Clare Bishop talks about her early life; her education; work experience in U.S.A. and France; her university and hotel and catering management studies; joining the Department of Immigration, Professional Migration Section; posting to London; pre-departure training; promoting migration in Britain; selecting British migrants; youth migration; training male interviewing officers; migrants' knowledge of Australia and their expectations; Canberra, Recruitment Officer (1974); appointment to Edinburgh, Belfast (1975); family sponsorship; living in Edinburgh, travelling in Scotland; posting to New York with responsibility for eastern Canada (1977); types of applicants, character checking; interviewing Canadian applicants for migration; Canberra, Legal and Parliamentary Branch as Ministerial Correspondence Officer; organising Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting, Melbourne (1981); Canberra, Vietnamese unaccompanied refugee minors.

Bishop discusses her posting to Cologne, Germany, to process Polish refugees; processing chefs in Berne, Switzerland; brides in the Philippines; return to Canberra, to Australian Institute of Multicultural Affairs Secretariat, evaluation of the implementation of the Galbally report; Vietnam posting (1984-86), training for staff, accommodation, processing, travel, communications, interviewing, documentation; migrant sponsorship; American and Canadian migration processing arrangements in Vietnam; health and character checking; official visitors; air services; posting to New York (1986-90); staff, tourism, migration, temporary residents, student exchange, Chicago and Toronto posts; promoting business migration; Olympic Games bid; working in Washington Embassy compared with Vietnam; Canberra, Executive Branch (1990-2000), National Population Council; Departmental Liaison in the office of Minister Jerry Hand; her retirement (2000); Canberra School of Music.

Recorded May 8, 2009

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