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Dale Spender - papers, 1972-1995

Collection Title
Dale Spender - papers, 1972-1995
State Library of New South Wales
MLMSS 6274
Date Range
1972 - 1995
Spender, Dale

28 Boxes, 2 outsize items - 5.2 Meters
Textual Records
Textual Records - (typescript)
Textual Records - (printed), photographs, posters, sound recordings

I. Diary and address book
1989, undated; Appointments diary for 1989 and note book containing addresses and telephone numbers (Call No.: ML MSS 6274/1)
II. Correspondence
1. Personal correspondence
1977-1984, 1988; Letters from Lynne Spender to Dale Spender and copies of letters from Dale Spender to Lynne Spender. RESTRICTED (Call No.: ML MSS 6274/1-2)
1976-1984, 1987-1990; 'Family letters'. Correspondents include Dale Spender's parents and other family members. RESTRICTED (Call No.: ML MSS 6274/3)
1980s-1994; Cards. Mainly birthday and Christmas cards received. RESTRICTED (Call No.: ML MSS 6274/4)
2. Professional correspondence
1988; 'Early Feminist Writers' Correspondence'. Correspondents include Janet Turner Hospital. RESTRICTED (Call No.: ML MSS 6274/5)
1987-1988; 'Women 1988'. RESTRICTED (Call No.: ML MSS 6274/5)
1988-1992; Correspondence with Cheris Kramarae. RESTRICTED (Call No.: ML MSS 6274/5)
1990-1992; Correspondence with Lisa Bellear. RESTRICTED (Call No.: ML MSS 6274/5)
1987-1995; General correspondence mainly concerning conferences, workshops, feminist organisations, talks, publications etc. Correspondents include Nancy Cato (1988, 1990), Beth Yahp (1991), and Thea Astley (1992). RESTRICTED (Call No.: ML MSS 6274/6-7)
III. Literary Manuscripts
1. Books
1979; 'Man made language' (1980). Draft (Call No.: ML MSS 6274/8)
1972-1988; 'There has always been a womens' movement this century' (1983). Draft chapter on Rebecca West, corresppondence with Rebecca West's secretary, newscuttings. (Call No.: ML MSS 6274/8)
1986-1989; 'The writing or the sex?' (1989). Notebook, drafts and correspondence. Correspondents include Marilyn French. (Call No.: ML MSS 6274/8-9)
1985-1989; 'British women writers' (1989). Research materials including articles and biographical and bibliographical information. (Call No.: ML MSS 6274/10)
1983-1991; 'Diary of Elizabeth Pepys (1991). Proposal, drafts, notes and book jackets. Also includes photocopies of two books: 1. The diary of Mrs Pepys by John Harold Wilson, 1934. 2. The private life of Mr Pepys by F.D. Ponsonby, 1960. (Call No.: ML MSS 6274/11)
1986-1990; 'Knowledge explosion' (1991). Notes & drafts, correspondence with contributors, editorial correspondence, correspondence with co-editor Cheris Kramarae, Pro-forma materials, manuscript enquiries, proofs. (Call No.: ML MSS 6274/12)
1990-1991; 'Life lines' (1992). Correspondence, proofs, notes, 'articles on women', transcripts and photocopies of letters and diaries of 19th century women, photographs for the book. (Call No.: ML MSS 6274/13-14)
1989-92; 'International encyclopedia of women's studies' (unpublished). Correspondence. (Call No.: ML MSS 6274/15-16)
1990-1991; 'Heroines' (1991). Notes, draft of introduction, editorial correspondence, autobiographies of contributors with associated correspondence. Correspondents include Barbara Hanrahan, Janette Turner Hospital, Barbara Jefferis, Elizabeth Jolley, Finola Moorhead, Elizabeth Riddell, Judith Rodriguez and Beth Yahp. (Call No.: ML MSS 6274/17)
1992-1994; 'Weddings and wives' (1994). Proposal, contracts, biographies of contributors, correspondence with contributors, correspondence with Rosemary Tribe, drafts, corrected proofs. Correspondents include Debra Adelaide, Jill Ker Conway, Anna-Maria Dell'oso, Yasmine Gooneratne, Kerry Greenwood, Germaine Greer, Marion Halligan, Gillian Mears, Dorothy Porter, Rosie Scott and Nadia Wheatley. (Call No.: ML MSS 6274/18-20)
1993-1995; 'Nattering on the net'. Drafts, notes, research material including articles and conference papers. (Call No.: ML MSS 6274/21-22)
2. Articles and Talks
1982-1993; Articles, talks, lectures, forewords and book reviews. Drafts and published works. Includes 'West Coast Tour 1989' comprising drafts of talks, promotional material, schedules and information sheets. (Call No.: ML MSS 6274/23-24)
IV. 'Pandora Press'
1984-1991; Seven of a collection of thirteen stories on the pleasures and iniquities of intellectual life; typescript of 'Feminism - a reader' by Maggie Humm; stories by Susan Hawthorne and other writers. (Call No.: ML MSS 6274/25)
V. 'Lynne's writings'
undated; Drafts of two untitled works by Lynne Spender (Call No.: ML MSS 6274/26)
VI. Photographs
undated; Black & white portraits of Dale Spender and one colour portrait (Call No.: ML MSS 6274/26)
VII. Printed material
1987-1994, undated; Brochures, flyers, book jackets, catalogues, programmes etc. Book: The lady down the road by Jill Morris (1994), inscribed by the author. (Call No.: ML MSS 6274/26)
VIII. Newscuttings
1977-1993; Articles about Dale Spender and feminism and reviews of her books (Call No.: ML MSS 6274/28, 29, 30X)
IX. Audio material
1995; Cassette tape recorded by the ABC. Dale Spender: The words to say it (Call No.: MLOH 258/1)

28 Boxes (5.2 m)
Partly restricted

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