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Crocodile Dreaming

Crocodile Dreaming
National Film and Sound Archive
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Short Film directed by Darlene Johnson. Crocodile Dreaming is the story of two estranged half-brothers, Burrimmila and Charlie, who must struggle against their own jealousy and distrust for each other. When there is a violent death in the community upsetting the spiritual world, Burrimmilla is unexpectedly called upon to fulfill an ancient tribal obligation. As a result he embarks on a journey to find the sacred stone which holds the power of his mother's dreaming. If he finds the stone, he must return it to its secret belonging place. When the brothers finally come together, they are confronted by the spirit of their mother, who leads them to the special creation place, and the possibility of restoring peace and harmony in the natural world. There is a significant amount of documentation assocaited with the making of the film in the NFSA collection.

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