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Carmel Galvin, interviewed by Criena Fitzgerald [sound recording]

Carmel Galvin, interviewed by Criena Fitzgerald [sound recording]
National Library of Australia, Oral History and Folklore Collection
Date Range
4 April 2011
Galvin, Carmel (1937 - )
Fitzgerald, Criena

Carmel Galvin talks about her parents background; her schooling; religion and religious beliefs; the death of her partner; her first marriage; purchasing a brothel in Kalgoorlie, Questa Casa; her impressions of Kalgoorlie; characteristics of sex workers; the role of the brothel madam; Brothel containment and the lifting of that containment at a later date; accounts and finances; the number of working girls; brothel operations, police rules; description of the rooms; drugs; the number of clients in a shift; prices and services; clients; the number of mines around Kalgoorlie and Coolgardie; mature aged workers; amounts earned; the stigma attached to prostitution; the number of brothels in Kalgoorlie and closures of some houses; Langtrees; Dominatrix; the rights of working girls; difficult clients; changes in Kalgoorlie; Privacy Act and health checks; Worker's compensation; leasing out the brothel during the boom; her return to take over running the brothel in 2000; tourists and brothel tours; dress standards; day and night trade; Women's Liberation and brothel work; taxation classifications; licensing; the increase in the number of brothel tours.

Written permission required for research, personal copies and public use during the lifetime of the interviewee.
Finding Aid

Timed summary (4 p.) and uncorrected transcript (typescript, 78 leaves)

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