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The University of Melbourne Archives
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1914 - 2003
Australian Red Cross (1914 - )

Red Cross Archives series reference: NO11 Comprises publications from the Australian Red Cross including pamphlets, newsletters, bound books, training handbooks and retail catalogues. Long run newsletters include 'Monthly Reports' (1916-1923); 'Australian Red Cross Quarterly' (1923-1960) and 'Notes on Activities' (1940-1956). Single issue information manuals relating to Administrative Instructions, Nursing, Management of Convalescent Homes, Volunteer Aid Detachments (VAD), Mental Health, the Blood Transfusion Service, AIDS, Information Bureau Service, Uniforms, Child Management, Facts for Speakers, Membership Drives, Fundraising Programmes, Retail Catalogues (1966-2000), Driving and Mechanical hints, Rules & Regulations, Disaster Relief & Precautions, Emergency Catering Manuals, Meals on Wheels, Knitting Patterns, Unemployment, Foreign Language Medical Phrases, quick fact books about the International and Australian Red Cross activities, 'What You Should Know About the Atomic Bomb' (1953) Personal Protection relating to gases used in warfare (1943) and exercise manuals for stretcher bearers (1940-1949). Contains National, Divisional as well as International publications. This series is described at item level, with some items consisting of a full annual year of publications. See also Annual Reports series (2015.0029) and Junior Red Cross and Red Cross Youth series (2016.0051). Researchers should note that under the Geneva Conventions Act 1957 protections govern the use of the Red Cross emblem. For further information see Archives staff.

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