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The University of Melbourne Archives
Date Range
1938 - 1944
Australian Red Cross (1914 - )

Comprises 69 Glass Lantern Slides which are within three functional sets. The first set (2016.0081.00001 - 2016.0081.00056) comprises 52 black & white slides used by the Red Cross for talks on activities in the war effort. Images of the activities including: Central Prisoner of War (POW) Agency, Switzerland; Red Cross staff using a Hollerith machine to calculate POWs; visits by International Red Cross Delegates to POWs camps to ensure conditions are met; packing medical supplies, Red Cross packing centres and warehouses, POWs receiving care packages. Activities within the camps: sport, music, peeling vegetables as well as labouring on road works. These photographs were compiled by the British Red Cross and St. John War Organisation and include a number of press sources photographs (see: 2016.0081.00056) Please note there are four slides missing from this set (2016.0081.00006; 2016.0081.00030 - 2016.0081.000032). The second set (2016.0081.00057 - 2016.0081.00062) comprises 6 colour slides which were created by the Australian Red Cross Publicity Department for use in cinemas, with the aim of engaging the community about the need for membership, fundraising and blood donations. The third set (2016.0081.00063 - 2016.0081.00073) comprises 11 colour slides with song lyrics of popular songs used in rehabilitation contexts post WW2. The lyrics of a chorus, or verse and chorus are typed; some of these slides are also illustrated. Further photographic prints will be added to this series in the final transfer of records. Researchers should note that under the Geneva Conventions Act 1957 protections govern the use of the Red Cross emblem. For further information see Archives staff.

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