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Women Against Nuclear Energy

Women Against Nuclear Energy
State Library of South Australia
Date Range
21 April 1980 -

Women Against Nuclear Energy (WANE) was formed out of a growing concern for, and a desire for action on, uranium mining and nuclear power. The women who founded WANE were members of the Campaign Against Nuclear Energy (CANE) but felt that sexism inherent in the hierarchical structure of CANE left women's voices unheard. As such, the members of WANE felt that their direction and means for attaining their goal of a nuclear-free future had diverged from that of CANE, and WANE was formed. The two groups maintained strong links, as well as links to other women's anti-nuclear groups and women's peace groups.

WANE's objectives included educating and activation of women, outside of appealing to women as mothers and carers. The exclusion of males was felt to better enable this, providing women with an environment free from the constraints of sexism that were felt to be inherent in the hierarchical structure of other anti-nuclear groups.
WANE aimed to work with women's groups in unions against uranium, and educate and empower women to share this message amongst other women. The group's primary concerns were regarding a nuclear-free future, as well as support for migrant and Indigenous women, and the support and investigation of alternative energy. WANE believed the implications of a solar future where inherent in feminist theory (for example, people before profits).
WANE produced and distributed a newsletter to its members. The group also helped organise Women's Action for Nuclear Disarmament (WAND), supported women's only actions such as the Sound Women's Peace Camp in Western Australia and held dances to raise money.

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