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Women's Theatre Group

Women's Theatre Group
State Library of South Australia
Date Range
1975 - 1989

The Women's Theatre Group was active in Adelaide from 1975 to 1989. They wrote, produced, directed, scored, performed and built the stage for their productions. They performed cabaret and theatrical works. All women productions were a first in Adelaide. The women worked through a collective. They won the Adelaide Festival Centre best production award for 'Redheads Revenge' in 1978. The other plays and cabaret include 'Christobel in Paris' 1975, 'Caroline Chisel Show' 1976, 'International Women's Day Concert' and 'Chores 1' in 1977, 'Chores 2' and 'I want I want' 1979, 'Out of the Frying Pan' 1980, 'Onward to Glory' 1982, 'Margin to Mainstream' and 'Women and Work, Women and Paid Work' 1984, 'Sybil's Xmas Concert' 1985, and 1989 'Is this Seat Taken'. The group includes the Women in Education Theatre Group and the Feminist Theatre Group.

scrips, photographys, reviews, songs, musical arrangements, audio and viseo recordings, flyers, posters, budgets, list of members and cast lists.
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