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[Interview with Margaret McAleer, politician] [sound recording] / [interviewed by Erica Harvey]

[Interview with Margaret McAleer, politician] [sound recording] / [interviewed by Erica Harvey]
JS Battye Library of West Australian History, State Library of Western Australia
Date Range
1992 - 1993

Margaret McAleer was born in Perth in 1930 and grew up in Geraldton. She was educated at Stella Maris in Geraldton and Loreto Convent in Claremont, and completed a BA (Hons) at the University of Melbourne. While in Melbourne she joined the Liberal Party. In 1961 she returned to the family farm at Arrino near Three Springs and was active in the CWA, Red Cross and local government. She also became involved with the local branch of the Liberal Party. Her interest in the party increased and from 1968-1974 she was a member of the Rural Committee; 1970-1974 was President of the Kalgoorlie Central Division and Chairperson of the Women's Divisional Committee; and from 1973-1974 was State Vice President. In 1970 she campaigned, unsuccessfully, for a seat in the Senate and in 1974 was elected Member of the Legislative Council for the Upper West Province. Ms McAleer was the first non-Labor woman member of the Legislative Council. From 1980-1983 she held the position of Government Whip and from 1983-1993 was Opposition Whip. In 1990 she served as Assistant Shadow Minister for Women's Interests and in 1993 she retired from politics. She married Angus Cameron in 1985. No children yet. During the interview Ms McAleer talked of her early life and influences. She also discussed in detail her political career, including campaigning; her work in Parliament and on parliamentary committees; the role of Whip ; political issues and politicians; and the role of women in Parliament.

Sound recording, transcript and index
10 sound cassettes ( m)
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