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Please Note: The Encyclopedia of Women and Leadership in Twentieth Century Australia is launched and online

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Who is included in the Encyclopedia so far?

As part of this research project we are publishing an online Encyclopedia on Australian women leaders. Have a look at who is included so far.

Featured Women

Anne Jolliffe, Australia’s first woman animator, cannot remember a time when she wasn’t interested in her craft. Born near Launceston, Tasmania, in 1933, she was given scratch pads and pencils by her father when she was four years old and began drawing pictures in sequence. She was very young when she saw her first animated film, a Donald Duck classic, and about eight years old when she saw Fantasia, a movie she never gets tired …


In his own words: The male perspective on gender diversity

Date Posted: 25 October 2013

2012 marked the tenth year of the Australian Census of Women in Leadership – a decade of measuring the progress that Australian companies have made in terms of female representation on boards, in executive positions and in management teams. Women still hold less than 10% of executive positions in ASX 200 companies and only 6% of line positions.

EY have a commissioned a number of reports as part of this census. The latest in the series …