Australian Women and Leadership in a Century of Australian Democracy Project Website

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This exciting ARC Linkage Project features a collaboration between six partner organisations and academics from four institutions, across a range of disciplines, to promote new understandings of the historical and contemporary dimensions of women’s leadership across a century of Australian democracy.

The project aims to identify the extent of women’s leadership within movements for social and political change in Australia, from the neighbourhood to the international level, and to make this record of active citizenship available through national cultural institutions and linked e-resources and through outreach to schools.

The core aim is to enable national cultural institutions to present a more gender-balanced account of social and political movements by:

  • documenting the extent and nature of women’s leadership within democratic change;
  • providing new understandings of how non-Indigenous and Indigenous women have exerted social and political leadership;
  • making all new information and resources generated by the project immediately available through web publishing, including the development of an Encyclopedia that links biographical entries and thematic entries.


This research is supported under the Australian Research Council’s Linkage Projects funding scheme (project number LP100200304).

Australian Research Council