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Judy Henderson

Date Posted: 28 June 2011

Judy was born in April 1945 into an extended family, on a dairy farm in Raleigh, near Bellingen.  Her family was “traditional Presbyterian”, her father, who died when she was 8, was an Elder in the church although her mother was not religious in the traditional sense.

Judy is now an active Quaker, joining a Meeting now held at an existing church which had been built on her property by her forebears.  During the interview we talked about other environmentalists who have turned to Quakerism.   Judy’s says “with the Quakers, what’s important is the way you live your life and demonstrating your convictions by the way you live.  Quakers are urged to ‘be patterns.’  There is diversity within Quakers and you can be a non-theist and still be a Quaker.”

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