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In his own words: The male perspective on gender diversity

Date Posted: 25 October 2013

2012 marked the tenth year of the Australian Census of Women in Leadership – a decade of measuring the progress that Australian companies have made in terms of female representation on boards, in executive positions and in management teams. Women still hold less than 10% of executive positions in ASX 200 companies and only 6% of line positions.

EY have a commissioned a number of reports as part of this census. The latest in the series is In his own words: The male perspective on gender diversity

Nine male leaders in the public and private sectors were asked a series of questions, including:

  • Why is gender equity important to Australian organisations?
  • Why aren’t our current initiatives working?
  • What should companies and governments do differently

The results, according to EY Managing Partner, Rob Mcleod,  ‘are a reminder of the work that still needs to be done by both women and men across business, government and the community. This issue is not only of economic importance, but also critical to the social advancement of the nation – it’s about building a better working world.’

You can read more from the EY Women in Leadership series here.