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Australian Parliament House
The Hon. Kay Patterson, Senator for Victoria
Parliament of Australia: House of Representatives

Parliamentary Service
Elected to the Senate for Victoria 1987 (term deemed to have begun 1.7.87), 1990 and 1996.

Ministerial Appointments

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs from 21.10.98 to 26.11.01.

Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Foreign Affairs from 16.2.00 to 26.11.01.

Minister for Health and Ageing from 26.11.01.

Parliamentary Positions

Temporary Chair of Committees from 1.5.96 to 10.11.98.

Committee Service

Senate Standing: Scrutiny of Bills from 24.9.87 to 8.5.90; Regulations and Ordinances from 24.2.88 to 30.6.93, from 8.5.96 to 6.12.96 and from 4.2.97 to 9.11.98.

Senate Legislative and General Purpose Standing: Employment, Education and Training from 24.9.87 to 14.2.91; Community Affairs from 5.10.92 to 23.10.92; Community Affairs: References Committee from 10.10.94 to 29.4.96 and from 30.4.98 and Legislation Committee from 10.10.94 to 1.7.96 and from 30.4.98 to 14.5.98; Employment, Education and Training: References Committee from 2.5.96 to 30.6.96; Environment, Recreation, Communications and the Arts: Legislation Committee from 8.5.96 (Chair from 20.5.96) to 5.12.96, from 4.2.97 (Chair from 5.2.97) to 22.9.97 and from 27.1.98 (Chair from 5.2.98) to 9.11.98.

Participating member, Economics: Legislation Committee from 29.5.95 to 29.4.96; Participating member, Environment, Recreation, Communications and the Arts: References Committee from 28.6.96 to 9.11.98 and Legislation Committee from 5.12.96 to 4.2.97; Participating member, Community Affairs: Legislation Committee from 1.7.96 to 30.4.98.

Senate Estimates: C from 24.8.90 to 20.8.92 and from 6.5.93 to 10.10.94.

Conferences, Delegations and Visits

Delegate, 3rd Commonwealth Conference on Delegated Legislation, London, November 1989.

Parliamentary Adviser, United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), New York, September-December 1997.

Leader, Delegation to the World Conference Against Racism, Durban, South Africa, August-September 2001.

Party Positions

Hawthorn West Branch Delegate, Liberal Party State Council 1985-87; Vice-President 1986-87; Membership Officer 1985-87.

Member, Hawthorn and East Yarra Province Electorate Committee 1985-87.

Member of a number of Policy and Advisory Committees.

Parliamentary Party Positions

Member, Opposition Shadow Ministry from 11.4.90 to 11.3.96. Parliamentary Secretary to the Chair, Social Policy and Health Group from 11.4.90 to 28.4.92; Family, Social and Health Policy Group from 28.4.92 to 7.4.93; Shadow Minister for Senior Citizens and Aged Care, and Shadow Minister Assisting the Leader of the Opposition on Women's Affairs and the Arts from 7.4.93 to 26.5.94; Parliamentary Secretary to the Shadow Minister for Community Services, Senior Citizens and Aged Care from 26.5.94 to 14.2.95; Parliamentary Secretary to the Shadow Minister for Health and Human Services from 14.2.95 to 11.3.96.


Born 21.11.44 at Sydney, NSW.

Qualifications and Occupation before entering Federal Parliament

BA (Hons) (Syd), PhD, DipEd (Monash).

Member of the Australian Psychological Society.

Small business secretary and office manager 1961-64.

Tutor, Faculty of Education, University of Sydney 1970.

Senior Tutor, Psychology Department, Monash University 1974-76.

Lecturer (1977-83), Senior Lecturer (1983-85), Principal Lecturer and Chair (1986-87), School of Behavioural Sciences, Lincoln Institute of Health Sciences.

Kellogg Travelling Fellow and Visiting Fellow, Institute of Gerontology, University of Michigan 1983.

Visiting Scholar, Gerontology Center, Pennsylvania State University 1985.

Member, Monash University Council 1978-99.

Member, State Council (1974-91 and from 1993) and State Executive (1974-85 and 1988-91), Guides Victoria.

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