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Duncan, Helen Jean, 1900-
[Interview with Helen Jean Duncan]
[interviewed by Chris Jeffery].

Née McCutcheon in Victoria; arrival in Fremantle with her mother, grandmother and brother, and their move to Busselton in 1908; school life in Busselton and at Perth Girls; domestic chores; describes the family home; Busselton and its facilities; living at the Girls Friendly Society in Adelaide Terrace; studying at business college; working for the Wyndham Meat Works; marriage in 1926; home in South Perth; life during the Depression; outbreak of World War II; her husband's war service overseas in New Guinea; charity work with the V.A.D., local Red Cross and the Silver Bullet; food rationing; social life; sporting activities; Legacy work; working with the House of Mercy for unmarried mothers, later called the Alexandra Home in 1949; involvement with mothercraft training; fundraising; the opening of N'Gala; involvement with the management; and the first matron, Beryl Grant; development of South Perth; market gardens; Mends Street shopping facilities; ferry and tram transport; involvement in the establishment of the Day Care centre opened in 1972. Includes outline of child health course at N'Gala Mothercraft Home and Training Centre.

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