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Kovacic, Leonarda
Cataloguing culture : in search of the origins of written records, material culture and oral histories of the Gamaroi, northern New South Wales
Type of Work
PhD thesis
The University of Melbourne, 2001, 676 pp

xxxiii, 676 p., bound : ill., maps ; 30 cm.

The written and visual material in this thesis needs to be approached with an increased awareness of its sensitivity for Aboriginal individuals with respect to intellectual property rights and copyright. This in particular refers to (culturally sensitive) visual material and oral communications. The use of this material has been negotiated with Aboriginal custodians who retain all intellectual property rights over it. The use of oral histories has been negotiated with relevant individuals who, while retaining full intellectual property rights, share copyright with the author, to be used with the custodians' permission. Oral communications are therefore subject to permission for use both by the custodians and the author. All other information and visual material, unless otherwise acknowledged, remain copyright of the author. Some information and visual material are unsuitable for viewing by young people. Young Aboriginal people are advised to consult their Elders on the matter.
Written permission from the author must be sought for reproduction and quotation of any part of the thesis for whatever purpose, including research and education. Permission to use the sensitive material and/or oral communications will be subject to further negotiation with the relevant Aboriginal individuals and/or communities. A special email account has been established for all enquiries:

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