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Viva La Vulva! It’s International Gynae Awareness Day this September 10th!

Date: 1 September 2011

Many women afflicted with gynaecological conditions feel alienated and isolated. They often suffer in silence, afraid of what they don’t know, and lack the courage to share their anguish. Perth woman, Kath Mazzella, was one of these women and is determined to advocate on their behalf. From a position of experience, and compassion, Kath created the Gynaecological Information Awareness Network (GAIN) in response to the needs of these women. Today, a vibrant cancer survivor, she continues to lobby for more awareness, funding and research for gynaecological cancers, pre-cancers and other gynaecological disorders.

GAIN is hosting High Tea at the Hilton on September 10, 2011 to mark International Gynae Awareness Day. Join Kath and other important and inspirational speakers at The Hilton Hotel, Perth at 1:30 pm to share knowledge and experiences.

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