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The 2012 Australian Women Writers Challenge – Get on Board!

Date: 3 January 2012

Did you know that 2012 has been designated the National Year of Reading? Did you also know that women are missing from the literary pages (rhetorical question), represented at a rate of about one gal to every seven blokes? Which provides the rationale behind The Australian Women Writers Challenge.

This challenge hopes to help counteract the gender bias in reviewing and social media newsfeeds that has continued throughout 2011. It actively promotes the reading and reviewing of a wide range of contemporary Australian women’s writing throughout 2012, the National Year of Reading.

For more information go to The Australian Women Writers Reading and Reviewing Challenge.

Has anyone out there read Anna Funder’s All that I Am? You should!


  1. Deborah Gray/Jennifer Stevens/Sheryl Garrick says:

    We are three sisters who have just Self Published our 1st of a series of Pookie the Roo children’s fiction story books.
    “Pookie the Roo and friends survive the floods.”
    Published – 11thNov. 2011.
    ISBN – 978-0-646-56683-2
    Authors – Deborah Gray/Jennifer Stevens/Sheryl Garrick.
    Illustrations by – Kristina Modrzynski.

  2. Margaret Lynette Sharp says:

    I’ve written six books, with five already published, and I can vouch for the degree of difficulty involved in getting reviews, or even getting people outside my circle to bother reading any of them. I cannot comment on whether or not this is a universal experience, or an example of gender bias. Nevertheless, surely the Challenge a great initiative towards raising the profile of all Australian female writers, and well done to Elizabeth Lhuede for her efforts in setting it up.

  3. […] is that even the Australian Women Writers Reading and Reviewing challenge has even managed to get a mention on the register, but not […]

  4. Fair call, Elizabeth. Although Ruby will be included at the end of our most recent research cycle associated with the Australian Women and Leadership in a Century of Australian Democracy Project. She is identified as someone who’s story must be included, but we have not been able to identify someone who would like to take on the task of doing the writing. Would you like to do it? Or suggest someone who can?

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