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Thanks for keeping us up-to-date!

Date: 1 October 2012

The Australian Women’s Register is a continually growing and evolving tool for research in women’s history. We hope to inform our users, but we also rely on them to provide us with updates to information about women and organisations recorded on its pages. We don’t have recurrent (adequate!) funding to do unsolicited research so we are delighted when users tell us we got something wrong and provide us with the necessary material to update entries.

This morning, while processing comments left on pages in the AWR, I was delighted to receive four comments over the weekend from people who genuinely wanted to help us to improve our service. It’s a job I normally grit my teeth through, as I wade through misogynist tripe about our current batch of Australian women in leadership roles. So many thanks to those of you who offer constructive comments for improvement. In an environment where funding is hard to get, your volunteer work is greatly appreciated!

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