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From Lady Denman to Katy Gallager now online!

Date: 4 March 2013

A new exhibition celebrating the contributions and achievements of the women of Canberra across one hundred years was launched on Thursday 21st February, 2013. by The Chief Minister of the A.C.T., Katy Gallagher, who launched the exhibition told the gathering of 100 + people, including several women who feature in the exhibition, that it was ‘a significant documentation of the ways in which women have contributed to Canberra’.

Lady Margot Burrell, related to Lady Denman by marriage to her grandson, provided insights into the life and influence of the other ‘bookend’, Lady Denman, telling the audience that perhaps if those in charge knew what sort of mover and shaker they were getting with her, they might not have appointed her husband to his vice regal role. As well as being a keen golfer, Lady Denman was an energetic, progressive, liberal, feminist, unorthodox soul. For example, while serving in Australia she often drove her own car at a time when women didn’t do that and when especially women of her class insisted on being driven by servants.

Aunty Agnes Shea, who gave the welcome to country, was proud to be included in the exhibition, but prouder still to see that her mother, Violet Bulger, had been acknowledged for her contribution to improving the lives of Aboriginal women in the Canberra area.

The exhibition, From Lady Denman to Kate Gallagher is online now.

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