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Happy International Women’s Day!

Date: 8 March 2013

Last night the Governor-General Quentin Bryce spoke at an International Women’s Day benefit concert, supporting an organisation of which she is a patron, the International Women’s Development Agency (IWDA). It was a great occasion, full of wisdom, laughs, insight and great performances from some very talented artists.

One of them was Clare Bowditch, who told the audience about a previous time that she had met the ‘G-G (whoops I hope I’m allowed to call her that!)’. Bowditch asked Ms Bryce how she managed to have the life she has had, how she managed to do everything, fit everything in. The Governor-General told her ‘I do believe we can have it all. We just can’t have it all at once.’ Wisdom from one who should know.

The Governor-General offered further advice to the audience, most of whom have been beneficiaries of the achievements of feminism, and whose lives are driven my their own choices to extent that their own mothers and grandmothers could only imagine. ‘Never take for granted the freedoms won by women of previous generations,’ she warned us.

”In the past few months, all of us have been outraged by reports of rapes, murders, gross attacks on young women in countries across the world,” Ms Bryce said.

”The Pacific is a region where gender equality and rates of violence against women are among the worst in the world. How can these terrible, terrible things be happening, we ask?”

As long as domestic violence rates in Papua New Guinea hover around 67% then we can take nothing for granted. Sometimes, however, the enormity of the task of achieving gender equality can overwhelm us to the point of paralysis. But, in an adaptation to the lyrics of Clare Bowditch’s song ‘Amazing Life’, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to do everything, ‘but you have to start with something’.

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