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‘No Place for a Woman’: A PHA (VIC) History Week Event

Date: 20 October 2014

Sunday 26 October: 2.00 -3.00 pm

The Professional Historians Association of Victoria invites you to attend a History Week 2014 event that celebrates unorthodox Australian women. Under the title ‘No Place for a Woman’ and addressing the theme of ‘conflict’, four historians from the Professional Historians Association will present lightning talks on women engaged, enraged and often forgotten in some of the most iconic conflicts of Australia’s past. Michelle Rayner from ABC Radio National will host the event,  joined by special guest, writer and commentator Kaz Cooke who will reflect on the theme for women today. The selected presenters showcase the deep reserves of talent within Victoria’s history community.

Dr Clare Wright, flush with the success of picking up this year’s Stella Prize for her latest book The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka, will flesh out the forgotten instigator of Eureka, Ellen Young, the self-proclaimed ‘Ballarat poetess’. As she reminds us, there were more women within the Eureka stockade than there are in Tony Abbott’s cabinet today.

Catherine Tiernan continues her presentation of Anzac narratives by drawing back the curtain on World War One frontline entertainer, Lindsay Kemble, better known as “Mademoiselle Mimi”. Entertaining troops, performing for the Prince of Wales and communicating the darker side of the war experience, Lindsay operated in an environment that was certainly No Place for a Woman.

Alicia Cerreto, hot on the heels of her sweet work researching historic flavours for Connoisseur Ice Cream, will deliver the story of Alice Meyer von Forell, one of the ‘most dangerous aliens interned in Australia’ during World War Two; a cautionary tale about shining too brightly in war-time Australia.

Dr Rachel Buchanan journalist, historian and author of Stop Press: the last days of newspapers and more recently her own artist newspaper, ‘Melbourne Sirius’ is drawn to fellow journalist Ettie Rout. Rout is not forgotten in the ANZAC story but as neither wife nor prostitute her interest in the sexual health of soldiers was definitely seen as No Place for a Woman.

Date: Sunday 26 October 2014, 2pm-3pm
Place: Lecture Theatre, Melbourne Museum, Carlton, 3054
Entry is free but bookings are essential
Bookings at:


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