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Congratulations Anne Buttsworth AM.

Date: 27 January 2015

We are delighted to announce that Anne Buttsworth (PSM) has been acknowledged in the Australia Day Honours List for 2015. Anne Buttsworth AM has been recognised for ‘significant service to women through history preservation roles, to the advancement of archival research, and to the community of the ACT.’

Without Anne’s energy, determination and tireless pursuit of funding, the Australian Women’s Register would, quite simply, not continue to exist. Established in 2000, the Australian Women’s Archives Project (AWAP) and its publications arm, the Australian Women’s Register (AWR), has continuously existed through a serious of short term contracts and fixed term funding. Anne has played a major role in creating this series. Her commitment to documenting the lives of Australian women, past and present, and making that documentation available to a broad audience, has been a driving force behind the survival and success of the AWR. Despite its gaps and inconsistencies, the register remains the pre-eminent online source of information about Australian women and their histories. This would not have been possible without Anne’s voluntary contribution to the project. Thank you, Anne Buttsworth AM!

2015 is a year that women have dominated the Australian of the Year honours. Rosie Batty, the Victorian mother whose courage shone a light on domestic violence victims, is Australian of the Year. Jackie French, the current national Children’s Laureate, is a passionate advocate for young people with learning difficulties and was named Senior Australian of the Year. Drisana Levitzke-Gray was named the Young Australian of the Year. The 21-year-old was the fifth generation in her family to be born deaf, and dedicates her time to helping other deaf people and advocating their human rights. Queensland woman Juliette Wright was named Australia’s Local Hero 2015. Ms Wright founded GIVIT, an online site that connects a networker of givers who can donate to those in society who are most in need.

It is the first time women have received all four Australian of the Year awards. Congratulations to them all! They’ve created work for us, as we write new entries for them to include in this register. But happy work, indeed! Now, if we could just find someone to fund the work…


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